Request to Represent You

Dear Friend, Neighbor, & Constituent,

The 2018 campaign cycle running up to the Democratic Primary Election is upon us and I’m writing to ask you to support me in my bid to represent our values in the Maryland House of Delegates.

I ask for your support first and foremost because I am present, committed to serving the public interest, and responsive in addressing issues facing our community. I have extensive experience in both the public sector, having taken on numerous leadership roles on civic boards throughout our community, and private sector in the healthcare industry. I have taken decisive action to improve our democracy through my work as the Host of Public Interest Podcast, and I encourage you to listen to an episode at  

I am running to represent you as a Fiscally Responsible Progressive. I am running to ensure that: 
  1. People select their politicians, not the other way around. To this end he has proposed these innovations:
    1. September Primary: Moving the Primary Election back to September (from June) will increase voter turnout
    2. Presidential Year Elections: Aligning the state and county election cycle with the national election cycle will increase voter turnout
    3. No Gerrymandering: Ensuring that districts are drawn fairly in a non-partisan manner will translate into improved representation
    4. No Special Appointments: One-third of our state representation has been appointed to ‘elected’ office; elected officials should be elected, plain and simple
  2. Universal Healthcare Coverage is not only morally correct, it’s fiscally responsible
    1. 911 for primary care doesn’t work and results in increased health insurance premiums for everyone
    2. Prisons aren’t good places to treat the mentally ill and they’re costing us too much
  3. Infrastructure investments provide long term economic benefits to our community
    1. Dedicated state funding streams for:
                                               i.     WSSC: To keep clean water flowing out of faucets
                                             ii.     WMATA (Metro): To keep the trains running on time
                                            iii.     Pepco: To keep the lights on
                                            iv.     Roads: To keep traffic flowing
  1. Supporting Small Businesses, Opposing Corporate Welfare
    1. Oppose tens of millions of dollars in tax-credits for Netflix
    2. Oppose a half million dollars per year in tax-credits for Lockheed Martin

I ask that you strongly consider making a financial contribution to “Citizens for Jordan P. Cooper” as well. Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, or $1,000 will help us get the representation that we deserve in our state legislature. I humbly ask for your support in helping us rise to this great challenge. You can donate either online at with your credit card or you can mail a personal check to Citizens for Jordan P. Cooper, C/O Peter J. Roehrich, Treasurer, 5634 46th Place, Hyattsville, MD 20781. Thank you for considering making an investment in our common future.

Jordan Cooper
Democratic Candidate, D16
Maryland House of Delegates

Supporting Our Democracy

  • End gerrymandering by establishing a non-partisan, independent redistricting commission. 
  • End special legislative appointments (which constitute 37.5% of the Montgomery County Delegation) through the introduction of Special Elections.
  • Reduce the total number of Early Voting days that present unnecessary costs to taxpayers without being correlated with higher voter turnout.
  • Return the Primary Election to AFTER Labor Day in September (June elections depress turnout) even if that means we must either pay for expedited ballots for our citizens who are living abroad or create opportunities for online voting (the date of the primary election was changed in order to ensure absentee ballots had sufficient time between the two elections to be mailed and counted).
  • Align the state election cycle with the presidential election cycle to increase voter participation.
  • Automatically register every citizen to vote upon issuance of a birth certificate such that 18 years later their name will appear on voter rolls.

A Fiscally Responsible Progressive Platform

  • Replace our current, inappropriate model of universal healthcare through 911 with real universal health insurance coverage for all Marylanders.
  • Reduce corporate tax loopholes and tax deductions for large corporations while being more stringent in our allowance billion dollar businesses to operate as tax-exempt organizations.
  • Expand mental health care coverage to reduce even greater expenses that we incur as a society by incarcerating the mentally ill.
  • Eliminate non-competitive government procurement contracts, building upon the work of the Comptroller.
  • Invest in infrastructure, and thereby creating new jobs, with our roads, mass transit, broadband internet, and utilities so that Maryland remains a reliable place to do business.
  • Ensure that every student has access to high-quality higher education that needn’t necessarily entail a liberal arts degree. Increased investments in technical schools and apprenticeships will lead to long-term economic development and will produce long-term savings.     

Jordan's Approach

A Contract with the Community

As a constituent in our community, you are entitled to responsive representation. I pledge to listen. I pledge to be present. I pledge to be available. I pledge to serve you with character and integrity. With me as your delegate, your voice will be heard,Voterengagement.jpg and your interests will be fairly represented. I make this commitment to our community: both now as a candidate and later as your delegate, you can count on having your questions and concerns received with sincerity, honesty, and an open door.

Facilitating Community Solutions

A delegate in the Maryland General Assembly primarily serves the public in three capacities, as a statesman, as an advocate, and as a legislator. My platform outlines my vision for how I will execute these three responsibilities:
Your concerns matter. The problems you face deserve to be handled in a timely manner and seen through to a resolution without being passed along down a bureaucratic grapevine. You can expect me to be your advocate wherever you find yourself in need of assistance. Regardless of whether your issue falls under the jurisdiction of county, state, or federal government, or more directly pertains to the private sector, you can trust that, when you come to my office, answers will be found, follow-up will be provided, and responsibility will be taken.

My office will facilitate problem resolution by the community, for the community. While some issues will require long-term legislative solutions in Annapolis, others can be solved with expertise found within our own community. The issues that define this campaign are constituent-driven, and often, so too are the solutions. As one of the most educated districts in the nation, our human capital, collective wisdom, and subject matter expertise has the capacity, if effectively leveraged, to address many of the most pressing issues facing District 16. I will work to expand the visibility of the office of delegate as an office that connects community members’ issues with their neighbors’ expertise.

Sometimes though, the rules of the game need adjustment to create a fairer playing field. And as individual concerns require community-driven solutions, so too do legislative issues require cohesive action among your elected officials across all levels of government. I pledge to strengthen the cohesion of the Montgomery County state delegation, and to create a united front among our county’s representatives in Rockville, Annapolis, and Washington, D.C.

Voter Resources

What is a Delegate?


A Delegate is your state representative in the Maryland General Assembly in Annapolis, Maryland. A Delegate is a legislator. Each Delegate in the House of Delegates has one vote on legislation when it comes before the delegate's committee, and one when it is considered by the entire House of Delegates.

Delegates are elected to a four year term, and are authorized to work as a legislative body for a ninety-Day Legislative Session each year. Effective Delegates are engaged in finding solutions to problems facing their constituents throughout the year; however, Maryland's Constitution establishes a part-time legislature that is intended to enable the House of Delegates and the State Senate to be filled by citizen-legislators.District 16 is represented by three Delegates and one Senator at the state level.

All persons living in District 16 are also represented by a County Councilperson in Rockville, MD, as well as two Senators and one Congressman at the federal level in Washington, D.C. Citizens of Maryland can vote for up to three candidates for Delegate every four years, in conjunction with Gubernatorial elections.